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Project Description
SmartAssembly Sync for JIRA® allows you to import SmartAssembly error reports automatically into an issue tracking system. Currently supports JIRA. Developed in C#.

SmartAssembly collects bug reports submitted by users, and SmartAssembly Sync for JIRA lets you simply and automatically move that information into JIRA. This tool removes the need to import issues into JIRA manually, and lets you sort and manage your bugs from just one place (JIRA).

SmartAssembly Sync for JIRA® must be configured for your JIRA installation. For installation instructions, see Documentation.

The code thus far supports syncing to JIRA only. Red Gate has no plans currently to write versions for other issue tracking systems, but the general structure should translate in a fairly straightforward manner. If you adapt it, we would suggest submitting the versions back to here so that others can make use of them.

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