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3. Configuring SmartAssembly Sync for JIRA®

Previous step: 2. Create the SA Project Links.

The next step is to configure SmartAssembly Sync for JIRA:

  1. Open SaJiraSync.exe.config in a text or XML editor.
  2. Find insert-jira-host-here and replace it with your JIRA host.
    Change the JIRA host name
  3. Find changeme and replace it with the password for the smartassembly user in JIRA.
    Change the smartassembly user password
    If you have customized your JIRA installation, for example by adding custom fields in addition to those described above, you may need to edit other parts of the config file.
  4. Find email and set enabled="true", then set the smtp host value.
  5. Run the following SQL commands on the SQL server containing your error reports:
    ALTER TABLE dbo.ExceptionReports ADD Processed BIT NOT NULL DEFAULT 0;
    CREATE NONCLUSTERED INDEX ExceptionReportsProcessedIndex ON dbo.ExceptionReports(Processed ASC, CreationDate ASC);
  6. Open SmartAssembly Sync for JIRA in Visual Studio.
  7. Add references to log4net.dll and Newtonsoft.Json.dll
  8. Build SmartAssembly Sync for JIRA.
  9. Run SaJiraSync.exe from the command line.
    Run SaJiraSync.exe from the command line

Next step: 4. Configure the SA Project Link.

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