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2. Creating the SA Project Links

Previous step: 1. Configure JIRA.

You must create one SA Project Link issue in each JIRA Project. The SA Project Link issue is used:

  • to link the JIRA project to the SmartAssembly project
  • to provide default values for new issues raised by SmartAssembly Sync for JIRA®

To create the SA Project Link issue:

  1. On the project page for the JIRA project, click Create Issue.
  2. Select SA Project Link.
    Create new SA Project Link
  3. Set the Summary to be exactly the same as the Project Name you set in SmartAssembly.
    This is the field that is used to link SmartAssembly with JIRA, so the link will not work if this is not an exact match.
  4. Set the Priority, Assignee and Reporter to the default values you wish to use for new bugs.
  5. Set the Status to Open to enable importing bugs.
    To temporarily disable the link and stop importing bugs for a particular product at any time, change the Status in the SA Project Link issue to Resolved.
    To re-enable importing bugs, change the Status to Open.
  6. Leave the Description blank.
    Enter the details for the new SA Project Link
  7. Click Create.

Next step: 3. Configure SmartAssembly Sync for JIRA.

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