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5. Testing SmartAssembly Sync for JIRA®

Previous step: 4. Configure the SA Project Links.

This section assumes that your application has already been built by SmartAssembly, with error reporting enabled.

To test the SmartAssembly Sync for JIRA importer:

  1. Cause an exception message to occur.
    Exception message
  2. Click Send Error Report.
    The report is sent.
    Error report sent
  3. Check that the report can be displayed in SmartAssembly.
    The report shown in SmartAssembly
  4. Run SmartAssembly Sync for JIRA from the command prompt.
    Run SmartAssembly Sync for JIRA at the command prompt
  5. Open the project in JIRA.
    A new issue has been created, which includes the stack trace. The default values set in the SA Project Link issue are used.
    New AutoBug issue shown in JIRA

Next step: 6. Set SmartAssembly Sync for JIRA as a Scheduled Task.

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